Dentists have long used a simple visual exam to screen for potentially deadly oral cancers. Now, there are exciting new tools available to help dental health professionals "see" what the naked eye cannot. Two methods we have available in our office are VELscope® and ViziLite® Plus. Both have the same end goal of detecting abnormal oral tissue, but they use slightly different methods.  The Velscope® is a painless, non-invasive instrument that works by emitting a blue light into the mouth. Healthy tissues glows a green color, but abnormal areas appear dark.

With the ViziLite® Plus, a light passes over mouth tissue that has been treated with a special rinse solution. Normal tissue will appear dark, but abnormal tissue will appear white. Once these suspicious areas are identified, the dentist determines what the appropriate next steps should be.

We are very serious about offering this option to patients. We have worked hard to make it affordable for those without insurance coverage, and currently offer VELscope® or ViziLite® Plus for only $15. This price allows a patient TWO examinations per year.

Oral cancer kills approximately one person per hour in the United States. Early detection is key and we are gratified to be able to offer these extra screening tools to our patients.